WordPress 3.4 Beta 4 Released

WordPressWordPress 3.4 Beta 4 was released on 3rd May 2012, with quite possibly the most brief, and yet most simply descriptive, release announcement yet. It is released on 3rd may 2012 almost 2 weeks after the previous release which was released on 21st, April 2012. It will take the liberty of forever preserving it below in all its glory.

Here are the noticeable changes of this beta version:

  • Fixed a quite a lot of bugs.
  • Polished the UI.
  • Replaces lots of placeholder text with real text in some of the screens which still existed in Beta 3.
  • jQuery updated to 1.7.1.

So, let’s look at this release just to give you a glimpse of what is going on. First, WordPress 3.4 Beta 4 has less bugs and is a bit snappier and cleaner than the previous beta releases, but the same disclaimers are still valid. But we would like to point out that this release is Beta and not meant for live sites, but do give it a shot on a test installation, more if you are a plugin or theme developer. If you find any bugs, please report them, and you can contact the support forums if you need any help.

Note : Beta releases are unstable and should not be used at any place where your data is important. It is recommended to backup your database before upgrading to a beta release.